Work with us

We believe that we have great fun while on the job. Changing the world does not have to be boring and tedious! Right now we have no vacancies, but we are always interested to getting in contact with committed people who want to become changemakers. So please send us in your application and tell us why you want to work with us and what you can contribute.

Thesis Work
Are you currently attending college or university, and are in the final stage of your education? If you are thinking about what to do for theses, then we welcome you! Contact us for an impartial and open-ended meeting, where we can tell more about us, who we are, why and how we want to change the world, and not least, how you can be a part of that.

Maybe you have some spare time and feel that you want to do something meaningful with your time. Sometimes you simply want to be a part of something, even though there’s no formal work out there at the moment.

Are you one of these kind of persons? Or perhaps you know someone? Please send us an email and tell us about yourself, what you can contribute and why you want to work with just us.