Here you can find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions (FAQ).

What is Pennybridge? [+]

Pennybridge is a brand new service for the collection of charity, whose primary goal is to lower the costs of charity collection and to simplify giving, by offering givers greater freedom of choice, better overview and control over their donations. Pennybridge also enables recurring giving, so givers can ”give small, to all".

Who is Pennybridge? [+]

Pennybridge is, and will continue to be, a company created with the help of many committed and dedicated people, far beyond those listed under the Organization tab. So when we talk about "Who is Pennybridge”, the answer is really everyone, either great or small, who has chosen to do something good, by being involved in Pennybridge.

How does Pennybridge work? [+]

The Pennybridge service starts with the "purpose", where you select the organization(s) and the cause you want to support and how you want to distribute your support among them. Registration begins by signing up and deciding on a monthly donation, no less than SEK 100. Through "Your Pennybridge", you have full control over your monthly donation, meaning that you can add and remove causes, increase or decrease, start, stop or pause your giving whenever you like.

When will my account be debited? [+]

The money is on the third last day of each month.

Who may register at Pennybridge? [+]

All organizations having a specific charity collection are welcome to register with us. It is important to know is that Pennybridge works according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and we reserve the right to decline any fundraisers that do not comply with their charters.

Read more about ”UN Declaration of Human Rights
Read more about ”UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Can an organization/association be removed from Pennybridge? [+]

Yes, we reserve the right to remove any organization/association that violates the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child or our terms and conditions. We will also remove an organization/association, if they so request. We never accept beggary, untrustworthy projects, projects that are degrading, illegal or otherwise offensive or unlawful.

Read more about ”UN Declaration of Human Rights
Read more about ”UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

How do I know that my donations actually go to the cause that the organization/association stipulates? [+]

We always recommend that you carefully read the organization’s/association’s information to ensure that they use the money in the way they stipulate.

What personal information will Pennybridge collect? [+]

Pennybridge collects only information that you provide during registration and general-purpose visitor statistics on our site.

Will others be able to see how much I donate and for what cause? [+]

No, “Your Pennybridge” is private. However, if you choose to do so, you may share “Your Pennybridge” though the social media, displaying only what cause you are donating to and what distribution you have chosen (not monetary amounts).

Must I reside in England to support a British organization? [+]

Pennybridge is a global service, meaning that there are no limitations to where an organization/association exists, that you wish to donate to.

Can I change my Pennybridge once I have activated my monthly donation? [+]

Yes, you have the option to change your Pennybridge as you choose, but it is important to understand that it is the cause, the distribution and the monthly amount you have chosen in “Your Pennybridge” on the last day of each month that applies.

Does Pennybridge cost anything for affiliated organization(s)/association(s)? [+]

Pennybridge is completely free to join. And the contribution that the donor chooses goes directly to the selected organization/association. When the donation is paid, Pennybridge invoices the organization/association 5 % of collected amount.

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//The Pennybridge team