Daniel Bergqvist

Daniel Bergqvist, Bosatt i Örebro.
Grundare, vd och styrelseledamot på Pennybridge
Favoritcitat: “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”

Tidigare uppdrag: Affärsområdeschef Nercia Utbildning. Ledamot i Marknadsföreningen i Örebro. Ordförande i Marknadsförenings- kommittén samt medlem i Utbildningskommittén under Sveriges Marknadsförbund. Ordförande i Marknadsföreningen i Örebro 2010- 2012. Ledamot i Marknadsföreningen i Örebro 2006-2010. Föreståndare för Hela Människan Örebro.

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Christian Hertz

Christian Hertz, Bosatt i Halmstad.
Medgrundare och Web & Social Media Manager på Pennybridge
Favoritcitat: “to make a difference you have to be different”

Tidigare uppdrag: Mobile Product Manager, Search and Usability Expert, Business Developer Online, Lokaldelen i Sverige AB.

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Magnus Sjögren

Magnus Sjögren, Bosatt i Norrköping.
CTO på Pennybridge
Favoritcitat: “Frihet är det bästa ting där sökas kan all världen omkring” Biskop Thomas frihetsvisa

Tidigare uppdrag: IT-konsult hos Prevas AB med uppdrag hos ST-Ericsson, SAAB Aeronautics och Sectra Communications. Volonntäruppdrag att designa och bygga anmälningssystem för 19 500 respektive 40 000 deltagare åt Scouterna.

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Advisory Board

Pennybridge Advisory Board’s function is to advise and evaluate, because we think it is important. The group consists of an amazing group of people involved in the Pennybridge journey. They meet at least once a year for strategic advisement.
We would also like to acknowledge and thank Elisabet Annell, Martin T. Hart, Uno Alfredéen and Sture Hallström for all advice and the help you've put into Pennybridge in order to make it happen.


Anna-Karin Andershed

Anna-Karin Andershed. Pennybridge Advisory Board

Current positions: Professor of Psychology, Researcher in Criminology and Prorector at Örebro University.
Previous assignments: Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty Board of Humanities and Social Sciences at Örebro University, Vice Head, then Head of two different institutions in the university. Expert group chairman for collaborative projects at SKL. Researcher at the National Board of Health and Welfare. Sits in the State Council of Institutions' scientific council from 2018. Founder and co-owner of VetEvi AB.

Why do you believe people want to give? I want to believe people enjoy sharing with others, especially when one has their own basic needs satisfied, as many have in our country. But then I have to put on my doctor's hat. There is of course research in this area and I get partial support for my own thesis. However, there appear to be two main reasons to people donating to charities: either because it makes them feel good, or because there is a socially-conditioned "pressure" to do so.

Why have your chosen to be a part of Pennybridge? I'm so fond of the underlying driving force that I perceive Pennybridge has. It's about a willingness to do good for others. Any such deed sends ripples on the water. I want to help and further develop Pennybridge and create more and bigger ripples. If more people are given the opportunity to give, more people will be able to receive. It brings joy to my heart.

Therese Hudak

Therese Hudak. Pennybridge Advisory Board

Current positions: Director of Business Development at Digital River World Payments. Focus on sales of global payment solutions to global ecommerce mainly within Video Games and digital products.
Previous assignments: Analyst at the Institute for Studies of Political growth, Consultant at the Swedish council of export.

Why do you believe people want to give? I believe people give when they put themselves in the situation of others and see the world through their eyes. Maybe a situation that someone close goes is going through or a global event one is following by afar. Then many wonder if I were in that same situation, wouldn’t I want others to help me too?

Why have your chosen to be a part of Pennybridge? The founding idea is sound, to help organizations help! Moreover, it is really incredibly exciting entrepreneurship and to be a part of this innovation. It is very inspiring to be around people who are willing to take chances, which entrepreneurs do when they create something new. I’m especially interested in the part that deals with online payments, as it’s an area which I am extra passionate about.

Per Wildenstam

Per Wildenstam. Pennybridge Advisory Board

Current positions: Project manager at Comunicado International, teaching in marketing at Nercia, Stockholm University, FEI i.e.
Previous assignments: Sales Director, Export Director, Marketing Director at different companies. Project manager at i.e. Brindfors Ad Agency.

Why do you believe people want to give? I believe that all people have one or more "causes" that they are passionate about. And I also feel that they want to support them financially. Their fervor may change from time to time due to circumstances. Like when you have children at that age when they want interested in sports or other clubs, then you’re keenly interested in they having good finances so that they can provide your children with the best possible conditions for them to practice their sport. If you hade someone close to you with a serious disease, then you really want there to be development in research and treatment in that area. Sometimes, you don’t have any personal connection to what you’re passionate about, but you’re committed anyways. But what these have in common is their need funding, funding which we can’t count on that "society" to always provide for. So that’s why we want to give to things we’re passionate about.

Why have your chosen to be a part of Pennybridge? I think Penny Bridge opens up new opportunities to give in a way that is easy and doesn’t hurt your wallet so much. That you can give small amounts but often, I think will attract many people. And to be able to easily control their donations to many beneficiaries, like for example their children's sports club, makes it even more agreeable. I consider it an honor to be involved in developing such a service.

Daniel Forneheim

Daniel Fornheim. Pennybridge Advisory Board

Current positions: CEO and main owner of the advertising agency Think Happy Thoughts AB since 2006. Especially active in branding and tactical campaign planning with both Swedish and Nordic projects.
Previous assignments: 2002-2005 The Electrolux Group, Brand Manager for AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi, Husqvarna, Volta and Zanussi. 1999-2002 Regional Manager, Electrolux Home Products. 1996-1999 Electrolux Home, Seller

Why do you believe people want to give? To every now and then prove to ourselves that our heart is bigger than our desires.

Why have your chosen to be a part of Pennybridge? To prove to myself that my heart is bigger than my desires, and because I believe in the idea of a highly simplified way to giving regularly of our wealth, a small portion at a time, and where I can just as easily decide exactly where my gifts be distributed.

Sebastian Navab

Sebastian Navab. Pennybridge Advisory Board

Current positions: CEO and Co-owner of the communication agency NavPR
Previous assignments: Founder of Progress PR, Political Advisor in EU Parliament’s Budget Committee, Press Manager in the Swedish Parliamentary, Communications Coordinator in the Swedish Cabinet office for the former Prime Minister, Göran Persson.

Why do you believe people want to give? We give because we know more, that we do not like what we see and therefore we want to change things. We give because we believe the world can be better.

Why have your chosen to be a part of Pennybridge? Penny Bridge is a new concept, which creates active participation for those who want to make use of the services. It’s quite simply unique and a journey that I want to be a part of.

Thord Andersson

Thord Andersson. Pennybridge Advisory Board

Current positions:Head of the Regional Council of Örebro for Enterprise and infrastructure.
Other assignments: Member of the monopoly and a member of the Audit Committee. Board member of Örebro City Golf & Country Club.
Previous assignments: Information Manager at E.ON Sweden 2002-2007, marketing manager of the Capio Group’s main focus private healthcare 1994-2002. Chairman of the Economics Society Örebro Promotion 2002-2009 and communicators in Orebro 1996-2002, and deputy director at the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and 2004-2006. Chairman of Incubate AB and board member of ALMI Invest East Central Sweden AB. Member of Kd’s Central Directorate, Adviser of the Government’s Child and Youth Delegation of 1992-1994 and the Nonprofit preparation of Civil Affairs 1992-1994 and member of the consumer investigation Empowered consumers in a global world, 1999-2000.

Why do you believe people want to give? One of the trends of the day parallel to an individualistic society, is altruism. We are many who want to give to good causes, but receivers must work transparently and we do not want funds eaten up by administration.

Why have your chosen to be a part of Pennybridge? The system Pennybridge that offers is cost effective and transparent. And it’s timing just right. I hope that many people want to join along. Small donations make big changes.

Henriette Weber

Henriette Weber. Pennybridge Advisory Board

Current positions: CEO of the brand relationship studio Toothless Tiger + CEO of Geek Girl Magazine
Previous assignments: Apple Computers, Nokia, Jaiku, twingly, fashiolista, toywheel, unity technologies

Why do you believe people want to give? because it’s human nature, and a way of helping others.

Why have your chosen to be a part of Pennybridge? If I can help world-changing companies help the world for the better, then I feel obliged to do so - and Pennybridge rocks...

Urban Gattzén

Urban Gattzén, lives in Falkenberg, Sweden. Pennybridge Advisory Board
Favorite Quote: :”Never think that you can offer is insignificant, there is always someone who needs what you have to give”

Current positions: Owner of Gattzén Consulting since 2004 where the main activity is leadership & business development. Also engaged at Halmstad Science Park as business advisor.
Previous assignments: Sales and Marketing Director at SIA Glass, Sales Manager at The Walt Disney Company and the seller / Regional Manager at OLW. Beyond that, I worked as partner and CEO of own media agency. I also have experience in the role as office manager at an advertising agency.

Marc Pitman

Marc A. Pitman, lives in Greenville, South Carolina, United States. Pennybridge Advisory Board

Current positions: CEO of the Concord Leadership Group, Creator of the "Quadrant 3 Leadership" leadership coaching framework, Author of "Ask Without Fear!", Founder of and CEO of Marc's expertise and enthusiasm engages audiences around the world and has attracted the attention of the media and organizations such as Al Jazeera, SUCCESS Magazine, and Fox News.
Previous assignments: Marc has served as pastor of a Vineyard church, managed a campaign for a state Governor, and has taught Internet marketing and fundraising at colleges and universities. On Twitter he's @marcapitman.