The Pennybridge Story

The story of Pennybridge is really quite simple. We are a bunch who wanted to do something that really means something. So we have started Pennybridge - a service that will eventually help to lower fundraising costs and make it easier to give. Want to hear the long version? Get in touch and we'll have a "fika" (Swedish word with the meaning: A coffee or tea with something to with). :-)

//The Pennybridge team

Core values

GIVE - Generosity, Impact, Vision and Engagement
Pennybridge core values resounds in every area: owners, employees, board, founders, interns, advisors, suppliers and partners. Since we are a platform of many different causes not taking a stand on neither religion nor politics, this gives us a unique opportunity to Engage in Generosity in general, with a strong focus to create a good Impact based in the donors situation. All this based in a shared Vision - PENNYBRIDGE

You will find us here:

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Halmstad, Sweden

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Norrköping, Sweden

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Örebro, Sweden

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Nordic Innovation House, Palo Alto, USA