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Pennybridge would like to request permission to provide certain information about you to organiztions. Maintaining this information will assist us in better understanding people in general charity contributions, in addition to helping us to develop our business.

The information we may collect and process includes name, age, gender, address, marital status, number and age of children, the family's disposable income after tax, property and housing, and your charitable contributions.

It is your decision to provide any information to us. If you wish that your personal data be processed only by our company, then you may choose to remain anonymous. Anonymous data, or completely de-identified information, may be disclosed to external partners, such as companies/organizations engaged in charitable activities.

By anonymous information, we mean data not linked to name, home address and national identity number.

According to the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204), upon a signed request addressed to us, you have the right to a free annual report explaining what personal information about you that we maintain and how it is processed. Under this Act you also have the right to request correction of the personal data that we maintain about you.

General terms for donors are available as a PDF (currently only in swedish): General terms for donor

//The Pennybridge team

Recipiant terms

Current transaction fee is 5%. No registration fee or additional costs.

Pertner terms

Use our charity platform inside your own platform via our API.

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